Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Robocalls bothering you? Wait till you hear this...

And you thought Congress was doing nothing....

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I'm already in a bad mood. In fact, I'm pissed off because I've just read about the proposed Mobile Information Call Act of 2011. Briefly, if adopted, it will allow telemarketers to make robocalls to your cell phone (now illegal, with supposedly harsh fines and penalties from the FCC, but you know what that means...).

The industry lobby is complaining that people have given up their landlines and mainly communicate with their cells. No kidding. They're claiming that "important" messages can be conveyed quickly and easily -- flight cancellations and delays, emergency information during power outages, etc. Hah! This is a fantasy, and we all know it.

If this passes, your cell will be inundated with recorded voices. You will be annoyed beyond belief. You will hate your cell phone and want to throw it away. You will be embarrassed in a public setting when you've forgotten to turn off your ring tone and it's an "important" call from an automated voice telling you how to lower your credit card debt. The "Do Not Call Registry" has been a complete failure due to non-compliance, so expect this Act to really get you crazy.

The sponsors of this bill are Lee Terry, a Nebraska Republican, and Edolphus Towns, a Brooklyn Democrat. in the last election cycle, Terry's biggest campaign contribution comes from the "telephone services and equipment" industry, with Qwest Communications at the top of the list. Towns got money from every industry I could think of, so he's just trying to make a blanket quid pro quo. Terry is just plainly, transparently, a slut.

If this Act gets passed, I will find his cell phone number and call him every day during dinner hour for the next year. Please do the same.

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