Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why I get the willies when I'm asked to download the "latest version"

There are too many computer programmers in this world with not enough to do. I know this because so many apps, so much software is "improved" to the point where they become kludgy and impossible to use once you've figured them out and have gotten comfortable using them for several years. I never understood why companies had to come out with version 7.0 when 6.0 worked just fine and one more iteration meant very little added value. Oh, of course, it was a matter of money!

I've been a Quicken user since 1998, and when I upgraded my hardware this year, the new processor would not accommodate the software. So I had to buy a new version -- uh oh, I'm nervous already -- that was immediately not backward compatible. I had to spend a week sending my files to some place in India where they converted them to work with the new program. And then they lost all the creditor address information, which I've had to re-input all over again. This is the second time Intuit has screwed me. The first was on the eve of Y2K. They sent me a free upgrade, which, of course, had the same problem. All sorts of data that was previously inputted disappeared. I now hate this company and will never deal with them again. I buy my checks from a third party supplier.

Has anyone out there loved, the movie website that has compiled more data about film than you can imagine. But it's also useful for finding out what's playing in movie theaters down the block. Recently, they did an update to the site. Uh oh. You guessed it. Now, it's almost impossible to navigate so you can find out movie times in your area. The old site was easy. You typed in your zip code and the default setting was all the movies within your five-mile radius. Now, no matter how much I try, I can't do this any more. So I just Google the movie and my zip and/or go to Fandango to find out what's playing and when. The folks at just couldn't leave well enough alone.

Microsoft used to do this every couple of years with their far superior Word program. But they've gone through so many iterations by now that it actually works fairly well. I can even open up very old files (but not all of them).

Am I hallucinating, or does anyone else out there have the same issue?

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